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The company wanted to fend off hackers from exploiting sensitive business data.

A leading provider of infrastructure and engineering services wanted to secure their product line hosted on the cloud, which was highly vulnerable to data breaches and theft. The high turnaround time to identify, respond, and remediate threats caused poor customer experience and affected business continuity. They wanted a comprehensive cloud-based solution to improve cyber security posture, secure end-user devices, and get a unified view of security operations. This required a robust solution that can be bootstrapped quickly with minimal changes to the existing infrastructure.



TCS built a centralized solution to fully secure the network and user devices.

We performed a comprehensive assessment of how employees use devices to connect to the business network and identified potential vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. After evaluating the entire gamut of the client’s infrastructure, we conceptualized a multi-phased implementation of a holistic security solution that will secure the client’s 7,500+ devices proactively. We automated incident response to detect and fix breaches with minimal human interaction to ensure the smooth running of  routine business.

Our solution monitored the endpoints to analyze, detect, report, and respond to suspicious activities on the client’s disparate operating system landscape. Advanced threat hunting tools and security levers were put in place to perform behavior analysis with AI to proactively defend against malicious virus and malware attacks. 



A proactive solution to outsmart hackers and empower business with digital freedom

We helped the client to build resilience, improve business continuity, and drive innovation. With better compliance, security controls, and risk management framework, the client adopted a zero trust security model to knock out hackers that steal data.



cyber threat monitoring


savings on licensing


devices secured


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