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The client wanted to build a secure cloud environment to migrate critical data and applications.

A healthcare insurance firm was heavily dependent on manual security policy enforcement which had resulted in increased threat exposure and non-compliant landscape. The lack of visibility of security posture for enterprise cloud landscape created a blind spot in governance leading to non-compliant, insecure applications and workload. The gaps in security increased the time-to-market for business-critical applications. Further, the limited view of risk exposure and missing decision matrix for risk assessment of applications led to the movement of business sensitive data to cloud without effective security controls.

TCS ensured consistent security enforcement by building security guardrails.




TCS ensured consistent security enforcement by building security guardrails.


Secure cloud landing zone and automated policy enforcement helped improve security.

TCS delivered end-to-end cloud security with its design, deploy, and automate secure cloud migration strategy. Using its cloud security foundation build services, TCS designed a secure architecture landing zone to build foundation security controls for network, data and application layers. By defining strategy, framework and execution approach for secure application migration, TCS conducted risk assessment, reporting and remediation of current application landscape and closed critical vulnerabilities to reduce risk before migrating to cloud. TCS used industry best practices and risk-based approach by leveraging public cloud-native data security controls and third-party security solutions. Its Security Policy as a Code framework helped define and create more than 400 policies for the firm and provided increased visibility across cloud using security controls and use cases to address evolving threats and compliance requirements.


The client enjoys increased security visibility across cloud with continuous posture management.

TCS defined, created and enforced automated security policies as guardrails by leveraging TCS Security Policy as a Code framework. TCS also developed an application risk assessment solution to operationalize application security for the cloud landscape.


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