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A leading insurance firm wanted to centralize its user access permission management

A leading insurer had adopted AWS as its cloud platform and wanted to centralize user permissions for access to AWS resources through a simplified user experience. With the expansion of user footprint across enterprise applications, the client provisioned multiple AWS accounts to isolate access to workloads. The AWS account administrators had also started using identity access management (IAM) roles for cross-account access, which was a complex process for a large number of user accounts. The insurer wanted to leverage active directory credentials to manage user permissions due to the increase in user accounts.

TCS centralizes identity and access management for robust security.




TCS ensured consistent security enforcement by building security guardrails.


TCS built a multi-account architecture with AWS Organizations.

TCS built a hybrid cloud setup in AWS to enable centralized user access to AWS resources and permission management. TCS leveraged Direct Connect to connect with the client’s on-premise Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and used AWS Organizations to build the account structure comprising security account, shared account, and prod and non-prod accounts. TCS made use of AWS Single Sign-On and its integration with AWS Organizations to centrally manage access to multiple AWS accounts and business applications by providing users with a single sign-on access to all their assigned accounts and applications from a central location. By helping the customer build a multi-account architecture and ensuring identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, and logging, TCS helped create multiple accounts and subsequent new accounts within the same organization in significantly less time.


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Leveraging AWS Single Sign-On, the insurer simplifies user sign-in experience.

TCS leveraged AWS Single Sign-On in a hybrid cloud set up to build a single sign-on experience for the users. By providing secured access to AWS enterprise resources, TCS ensured a breach-proof security posture and helped the client achieve centralized user access and permission management.

  • Secured access to AWS enterprise resources
  • Faster access to end users with an easy sign-in experience
  • Reduction in the amount of security administration efforts
  • Elimination of de-provisioning efforts
  • Improved productivity and enhanced agility
  • Elimination of credential re-authentication