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An exploration of the capability roadmaps

Manufacturers today are moving toward advanced models of servitization. To ensure adequate return on investments, they must customize their servitization strategies based on the target segment needs in diverse geographies and markets – this implies that the capability models needed for successful servitization will differ across manufacturers.

This paper explores the different models of servitization in manufacturing as well as the capability areas needed to execute those models. It suggests that the level of capability maturity needed for certain functions like customer management, service integration, and vendor service management, are different for distinct types of servitization.

The geography of a market is also a determining factor in the level of adoption of servitization in manufacturing. This aspect of the paper focuses on the Asia-Pacific region and suggests considerations for manufacturers to adopt a capability roadmap for servitized business models. Should the servitization journey and capability roadmap for Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, or South Korea be different from that for Indonesia or the Philippines? How should large markets like China and India be approached? These are some of the key questions explored.

Biswanath Bhattacharya

Managing Partner - Consulting, Manufacturing, Asia-Pacific, TCS

Senthil Raja Jayaraman

Senior Business Consultant and Domain Lead for Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Asia-Pacific, TCS


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