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Shelf Drilling improves Rig Uptime with Cloud
Ian Clark, Executive VP, Shelf Drilling, explains how TCS helped Shelf Drilling transform their ERP system with an innovative mix of hosted and cloud solutions to improve rig uptime and profitability.
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Shelf Drilling
Energy – Oil and Gas
Jack-up rigs contractor Drilling operations

Experience Results

Highlighting TCS’ contribution at Shelf Drilling, Ian says TCS demonstrated speed of execution, management commitment, and technical capabilities to help Shelf Drilling start operating independent of Transocean, the company they acquired rigs from. To enable this, TCS designed and implemented the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 ERP system in just five and a half months.

In the specialized jackup drilling market, downtime is deadly. By implementing an innovative offline cloud solution, TCS helped mitigate equipment downtime and provided an economical alternative to a high cost satellite links operation. Shelf Drilling has since achieved rig uptime rates and cost controls required to be profitable in this highly competitive business.

Experience Partnership

Ian believes that the partnership with TCS helped in achieving their vision of establishing Shelf Drilling as an industry leader. The commitment, dedication, and collaborative spirit demonstrated by TCS enabled rapid growth in Shelf Drilling’s IT journey.

Experience Leadership

TCS has brought in a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and technical leadership - evidenced in designing solutions and resolving Shelf Drilling’s problems in an immediate and proactive way.

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