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Shifting to a Product Way of Working 

Driving Business Agility the Product Way  

Nowadays, business is forced to align with IT and drive enterprise agility by adopting lean agile principles, practices, and culture. A framework to drive business agility is: PRESS – Predict, Renew, Experiment, Speed to Market, and Scale. Product-based organizations are trying to implement new ways and adopt new processes and tools to improve the agile structure. The reasons might be inconsistent interaction among business owners-IT business owners-agile delivery teams, absence of a dedicated project team for delivery of agile projects, and inefficient measures being used for assessment of business outcomes.

Find out how a product operating model can help organizations to continuously rethink, reshape, and thrive in a digital world. 

Harikrishnan S

SAFe Agilist

Krishnan Vijayaraghavan

Transformation Lead-Agile DevOps


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