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Shipment Misroute Management


TCS Shipment Misroute Management Solution

Prevent misdelivery with advanced analytics.



Mishandling of shipments delays delivery, affects payment cycles, and results in poor customer experience. Logistics companies need to ensure quicker identification of misrouted shipments and redirect them to respective consignees within stipulated timelines. This requires deployment of advanced technology solutions with real-time visibility into the shipment delivery cycle. With sophisticated track-and-trace capabilities, such a solution can improve delivery accuracy and lower operational cost.

TCS Solution

Our solution helps create a connected workforce that utilizes wearable devices and Radio-Frequency IDentification (RFID) tags to gain real-time insights into product locations. Shipments bearing RFID tags can be easily identified by a dock worker's wearable device. Similarly, transport units can be fitted with preconfigured beacons. These devices map the shipment's location to the final destination, and notify the concerned dock personnel, in case a mismatch is found during the loading process.

Through effective and accurate data capture, our solution boosts delivery efficiency and helps realize significant cost benefits.


  •  Reduce misrouted shipments

  •  Reduce costs

  •  Improve quality control

  •  Enhance customer satisfaction

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