Abstraction, Atomicity and Assurance



Abstraction, Atomicity and Assurance

EuroSTAR Magazine

In this EuroSTAR article, Siva Ganesan, VP and Global Head, Assurance Services, TCS, examines the importance of software in today’s world and how it continues to change the way we do things. It offers an interesting take on abstraction and atomicity and their impact on software quality and testing.

“We live in a world in which a confluence of forces has unleashed the perfect digital storm. Cloud, social networks, mobile devices and Big Data analytics are compelling organizations to rethink and re-imagine their strategy, processes and channels. Science, mathematics and technology have embraced each other in a digital dance that is sweeping us off our feet. At the epicentre lies software, which has disrupted conventional ways of interaction between enterprises, enterprises and consumers, and between individuals (individual to individual or i2i).

In this context, abstraction and atomicity are naturally allowed to proliferate.”

Read the complete article. (Pages: 6-8)


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