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Skyguide Modernizes AIM Service Centre’s CRM

TCS streamlines aeronautical information management with cloud-based services

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Skyguide’s legacy CRM platform posed high costs and risks to business operations

Skyguide, the Geneva-based air traffic management services provider, offers aeronautical information management (AIM) services. The Swiss major collects, assembles, publishes, and distributes data on aviation infrastructure of some of Europe’s busiest air routes. However, the AIM Service Center, which supports its customers, including pilots, aerodrome operators, and the military, was managed with a legacy customer relationship management (CRM) solution. It was nearing the end of its life, posing performance issues, leading to business risks and high maintenance costs.



TCS transforms Skyguide’s AIM Service Center with cloud-based CRM and CTI platforms

TCS modernized Skyguide’s AIM Service Center and introduced cloud-based CRM and computer telephony integration (CTI) platforms. Leveraging TCS’ strong industry and domain expertise, the team created a new CRM blueprint and roadmap in collaboration with the customer’s business and IT stakeholders. TCS proposed Salesforce’s cloud CRM and smart CTI platforms to reenergize Skyguide’s AIM Service Center. 

The TCS team designed, developed, and implemented the solution with the help of an agile framework and delivered it using TCS’ Location Independent Agile™ model. The solution automated service operations by utilizing multi-channel communication available on the Salesforce cloud platform. It leveraged smart CTI technologies that handled complex interaction flows for intelligent call routing and monitoring. 

After the solution’s launch, TCS continued to provide production support services through its offshore delivery center in India, to ensure business continuity. Even during COVID-19 and remote working, TCS seamlessly supported the client through its Secure Borderless WorkspacesTM operating model.

“The successful delivery of the new AIM Service Center solution, followed by the seamless support being provided to the live application demonstrate that, by choosing TCS, we took a step in the right direction.”- Klaus Meier, Chief Technology Officer at Skyguide


TCS’ cloud-based CRM solution ensures costs savings for Skyguide’s AIM center

TCS’ solution enabled reliable, high-performance operations at Skyguide’s AIM Service Center. Cloud-based automated channels for CRM and CTI ensured lower costs, business continuity, and agility of operations. 

High end-user adoption of the platforms led to improvement in user experience and operational efficiency at the service center. Automated communication channels led to faster closure of customer requests.

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