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Improving healthcare with real-time data access

Delivering high-quality healthcare at optimal cost is one of the primary goals of healthcare providers and the government. One of the challenges they face is not having a single discrete view of the data, which exists in multiple sources. The solution to this is to have a holistic and longitudinal overview of patient health. Single Longitudinal Health Record (SLHR) brings together multiple data sources and medical data elements to enable patients to access and share their complete health data with their caregivers. Since the clinicians only look for the most relevant data pertaining to the patients, SLHR doesn’t necessarily delve deep into their expansive history. Gaining access to such relevant data in real-time is the key and several approaches help achieve this. Each approach comes with its own advantages and limitations with respect to turnaround time, real-time data access, and the scale of applicability. Whatever the approach is, one needs to ensure the privacy of patient data. 

Ramalingeswara Rao Balla (Ram)

Enterprise Architect, Public Health practice, TCS


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