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About SLP

At TCS, we build on the belief that every individual makes an impact. If you have the courage to lead with this common belief, take a leap with our flagship Strategic Leadership Program (SLP). It aims at building the future leaders of TCS, who partner with our customers in their growth and transformation journeys.




Getting Ready for SLP

Ready to Join SLP??



Digital Oasis in the Desert Kingdom


One of the largest family owned conglomerates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, headquartered in Jeddah, has a business strategy to grow by 5 times in revenue and 3 times in EBITDA by 2025. The conglomerate specializes in automotive dealerships, multi-brand garage, lubricant manufacturing to retail as well as retail fuel stations. TCS defined a Digital Strategy for the conglomerate, which would propel growth through customer acquisition, additional sources of revenue generation and operational efficiency. 

As industries have been evolving, TCS has identified new avenues for the enterprise to tap into new customers. It has shifted the customers from the monotony of tank-filling to an enriching experience of purpose-based retail in QSRs, grocery and vehicle service. Steep profitability is expected. The depth of TCS’ knowledge and experience in Digital Consulting, its deep capabilities in end-to-end transformation and assets for digital maturity assessment for industry sectors/ sub-sectors has made it the right choice for this engagement. TCS works in a uniquely collaborative model throughout all levels of the client organization. The leading-edge management consulting has enabled TCS deliver higher level digital advisory, than most of its competition.

Leveraging the strong brand recall of the client, TCS has identified ways of harmonious synergy across the different business units. 




AI Driven Demand Planning for a Global Personal Care Company



One of the world’s leading personal care and cosmetics company faced a challenge. The company had to build a customer driven forecast that is close to customer sales, could identify the changes in demand plans in the short-term and propagate it upstream. The program aimed at building demand-planning capabilities through making the organization more customer focused, digitalized and reflective.

One of the SLP consultants took it upon herself and collaborated with the supply chain team to transform the demand planning landscape through digitalizing demand forecasting and sensing.

The SLP consultant along with her team members helped TCS implement consumer driven demand forecasting using machine learning algorithms for e-commerce, mass and modern channels. AI/ML based weekly demand sensing was executed for handling production and distribution planning using latest demand trends.

Further venturing into the customer requirements, the SLP consultant along with the team successfully solutioned demand replenishment and data analytics for distributor replenishment, dispatch plan and designing data governance framework.

This engagement added immense value to the customer in enabling real-time decision-making capabilities and enhanced collaboration which led to AI/ML based forecasting with an accuracy of 80-85% across channels. 







Building a Proactive Pitch for a CFO



One of the leading conglomerates in India wants to enhance the experience of an employee across his/her lifecycle within the organization. The objective of this engagement was to build an employee experience hub which in turn boosts the employee engagement and morale. This exercise is conducted as a pilot within the parent company of the conglomerate and depending on its effectiveness it’s planned to be replicated across the group companies. The outcome would be that the group companies become future proof in a world where change is the only constant.

One of the SLP consultant supported the CSI’s enterprise agility practice to create the proposal for this transformation. The team built the enterprise architecture for the HR function after conducting an in-depth due diligence of the customer’s systems, processes and an extensive outside-in research on what the best workplaces across the globe are focusing on. The team synthesized the problem statement to create Data, Technology, Business, Integration and Application architecture for the parent company. The future state architecture proposed, incorporated couple of themes but not limiting to modern workplace, hybrid working, smart office, smart processes, wellness, safety, diversity & inclusion.

This engagement will add significant value in long term to the conglomerate, which always has been an employee centric organization.






SLPs lead the change for an export-oriented government Bank 


The Indian banking system has historically been one of the most stable systems around the world. One such export-oriented government bank partnered up with TCS to create its future technology roadmap and enhance the customer experience. The SLPs formed a key part of the team that delivered this project successfully.

In the first phase of the engagement, the SLPs focused on getting to know more about the client’s current state. This was done through meetings and workshops with business IT stakeholders to understand the relevant issues.

The information gathered was coupled with the desired state of the client, to create a current state assessment and an analysis of business gap identification, which formed the second phase. The delivery team used the analysis for Target State Definition, with futuristic functional architecture, infrastructural improvements and technology stack.

Finally, the initiatives were prioritized, and the implementation roadmap was defined & documented.  An extremely impressed client further strengthened the partnership with TCS and glory for the SLPs.

The DGM IT of the client quoted - “We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire team, for the quality of service provided during this engagement. We sincerely appreciate your efforts towards detailing each requirement and coming up with quality document. Thank you so much, and we will be looking forward to an excellent continuing business relationship.” 




Thought Leadership Articles by SLP


Marketing 5.0 for Insurers

With the evolution of the domain of Marketing from being product centric to being human centric, we are witnessing its impact on industries. Marketing 5.0 brings together state of the art technologies like AI/ML, AR etc. with the marketing practices to provide immersive and fulfilling customer experience.

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Would Telecom payments be a game changer in the Payments market?

Voice and data revenues of telcos are getting stagnated and challenged by OTT players forcing telcos to consider other revenue opportunities through telco payments, and it provides a mutually beneficial set-up for financial institutions and telcos.

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Indian Market Outlook 2022: Top-Down Analysis

This article explore multiple Industries outlook based on current Global & Domestic(Indian) market conditions, and further explores the effect of external factors affecting the same.


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Agriculture 4.0 – Technology & their Place in Agri Value Chain 

Research on the Digital Interventions in Farming to study the impact of Technologies & Innovation across the Agriculture 4.0 value chain.


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Gig Logistics of Rural North-East India: An Ode

Not to be left behind by a bustling world of logistical advancement, rural pockets discover a silver lining in the form of lorry-based transportation. This article chronicles an unlikely cause of economic development in rural North-East India and how it has become a cash cow worth investing in.

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How Retail Trends are shaping up Supply Chain Trends in 2022 and beyond

Retailers should look out for the retail trends and re-engineer their supply chain to stay relevant in the industry.


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Find out more about SLP in this compiled list of questions and answers

Q.  Who can apply for SLP?
Management students from premier B-schools in India can apply to the  Strategic Leadership Program . Young and dynamic minds who can provide solutions to business problems across several domains, create a vision for the customer, are quick and eager learners, have keen foresight and an appreciation for the ‘big picture’, all while adhering to the Tata ethos and value systems.

Q.   How does one apply for SLP?
If you are interested in pursuing a career with TCS or doing an internship, please reach out to us through your placement team.

Q.   What is selection process for SLP?
Aspiring candidates would need to go through the following steps:

  • Registration via TCS Career Portal
  • Profile screening
  • Group Interactions/Discussions
  • Personal Interview

The process followed might differ based on the guidelines of the candidate’s institute. Final selection of a candidate is subject to fulfilling TCS eligibility criteria for SLP. 

SLP Campus (Summers and Finals) FAQs

Q.   When do the SLP Summer and SLP Finals process start?
The SLP summer internship selection process  happens in Q2/Q3 , while  the SLP final placements happen in Q3/Q4 of the respective financial year.

Q.   Can I apply for SLP final placement even if I have not done my summer internship with SLP?
Yes, of course.

Q.   Which campuses are eligible for SLP program?
At present, SLP hiring is applicable to IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, and IIM Calcutta.

Q.   Do I need work experience to apply?
It is not mandatory for a candidate to have work experience to apply for SLP. Candidates with up to  a maximum of 3 years of work experience can apply.

Disclaimer:  TCS reserves the right to modify the program as needed from time to time. SLP hiring in India is done through campus engagements with the select set of institutes we partner with.  Please get in touch with your Placement team to know more about our other programs for management graduates at TCS.



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