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City leaders are challenged to deliver superior services across many sectors while also managing limited resources. The ability to coordinate across domains and quickly execute cross-functional responses for incident resolution is critical.

Cities need to leverage data from multiple functions and sources such as the internet of things (IoT) and departmental systems need to provide uninterrupted services that maintain sustainable, safe and stable living conditions for citizens in all situations.

TCS Solution

with the ability to visualize, monitor and analyze the city-level events & alerts across domains in real time. Users can track operational resources and assets (human and non-human).

The solution uses intuitive standards-based tools to define standard operating procedures and resolutions for emergency events with notifications, resource management, analysis and actions. Administrators and leaders can create and manage workflows, monitor status of incident resources and track resolutions through a robust dashboarding tool with automated reporting across multiple data sources.


  • Empower synergy through connected city IoT ecosystems, dashboards and analytics
  • Enable city-as-a-platform approach and optimize system and infrastructure investments
  • Improve citizen experience and engagement with impact analysis and response coordination
  • Drive proactive city planning with real-time analysis of multi-domain, cross-city data

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