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TCS IUX City Command Center

Optimize City-level Functions With Real-time Monitoring Solutions by TCS


The Challenge

As urbanization gains unprecedented pace, so do the challenges faced by city managers to provide a safe and sustainable environment to residents. Surmounting the problem calls for a command and control solution that provides cross-domain urban insights for integrated city operations. As such, the need of the hour is an intelligent and connected ecosystem that make a city future-ready and a more desirable community with advanced public safety services and better constituency interactions.

TCS Solution

Designed as a modular and scalable platform, the TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) City Command Center helps city managers visualize, monitor and analyze events and alerts across city domains in real-time. With a robust KPI dashboarding tool and automated reporting across multiple data sources, this TCS cloud platform allows city leaders to track operational resources and assets to predict and avoid critical failures with proactive maintenance.

Powered by intuitive tools, the TCS IUX City Command Center enables faster and better decision-making by city planners. With features such as City Emergency Response Module and Video Management System that accelerate multi-departmental response across domains such as energy, water, and transport, this platform resolves various emergency events and allows administrators to keep their cities moving efficiently and safely now and in the future.


  • Improve the quality and timeliness of incident responses in the city
  • Reduce cost of ownership and increase ROI with easy integration into present systems
  • Optimize cross-domain city functions for safety, livability, and efficiency
  • Reduce capital expenses with As-a-Service subscription pricing
  • Speed up integration of key city data into data models using REST APIs
  • Develop custom applications with easy data transformation
  • Perform geo-spatial analysis on maps through pre-integration with Geo servers

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Intelligent Urban Exchange City Command Center

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