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The Challenge

TCS Automated Regulatory Compliance is an integrated RegTech solution that drives intelligent interventions and automation in the core compliance value chain. The solution streamlines the compliance process and associated controls to drive business agility and enhance assurance. Along with delivering human-guided automations, obligation analytics, and smart extraction, the solution provides impact management of regulatory changes with knowledge modeling of regulatory and organizational ecosystems.

Enterprises need to comply with a plethora of obligations which could often result in a higher inherent risk of non-compliance, affecting the agility and customer experience of the organization. With over 500 circulars per year and 220 regulatory alerts per day, organizations seek greater agility to make the compliance management process seamless and ensure a superior customer experience.

TCS Solution

TCS Automated Regulatory Compliance solution helps banking and financial institutions track regulations and drive compliances. The solution delivers human-guided automations on tracking regulations and smart extraction of obligations, driving effective risk identification and management. It helps:

  • Enable obligation processing with NLP and AI-based components
  • Facilitate regulatory knowledge modeling and lineage analytics with NLP and ontology-based design
  • Manage obligations and risk taxonomy by leveraging machine learning-based services
  • Enable cognitive intelligence with automated compliance and control assurance enabled by NLP, ML, and metadata-based smart data solutions
  • Leverage SBVRL framework for obligation codification and breach monitoring/reporting 


  • Improved accuracy in identifying obligations by 70-80%
  • Reduced compliance and residual risk exposure
  • Improved agility in driving compliance readiness by 50-75%
  • Improved delivery of frictionless compliance through automation>
  • Reduced cost of compliance with increased automation in control assurance


  • Patented methodology in knowledge modeling of regulations and organizational assets for intelligent interventions
  • Advaned AI designs to deliver human-guided automations on tracking regulations and smart extraction 
  • Domain expertise in regulations and compliance management services with AI, ML, and NLP solutions

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