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The Challenge

Manufacturing companies are looking for smart solutions to stay relevant and meet the ever-evolving customer expectations while providing quick value realization. The lack of ready-to-use templates, pre-configured process flows, and standardization leads to longer deployment cycle and adoption challenges for manufacturing operations on the shop floor. Manufacturers must find the right balance by increasing production while minimizing costs, developing personalized products using global standards, and preventing downtime and loss of productivity.   


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TCS Solution

TCS Smart Manufacturing and Digital Supply Chain helps manufacturers realize the power of Microsoft cloud for agile production and a resilient supply chain.

Integrated with pre-built configuration data, shop floor and physical inventory count, and Power Apps, the solution speeds up the supply chain management and finance implementations to reduce the overall costs and downtime. TCS provides the following solutions:

  • ERP system: Utilize Microsoft cloud for a faster inventory process and accelerated outbound inventory processing using custom solutions for easy-reserve and un-reserve inventory items on sales orders.
  • Regression test suite: Leverage pre-built automated test suite with lifecycle services (LCS) support  for maximum returns in the shortest time.
  • Predictive analytics: Optimize planning, improve fulfillment and enhance services.
  • Power apps: Manage production jobs on shop floor and get real-time clock in and out time for resources and material consumptions. Meet financial audit requirements through a simplified and efficient physical inventory counting process.



The solution helps enterprises:

  • Accelerate material flow and reduced timelines by 25 to 30% for an overall increased speed to market by 20%
  • Automate manufacturing shop floor process and increased mobility to process jobs
  • Boost production with real-time supply and demand data
  • Reduce configuration time and time to set up user security roles and regression suite automation tool testing scripts by 40%
  • Ensure rapid deployment of applications on Microsoft cloud with user-friendly Dynamics 365 F&O Data Management framework.