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Smart supply chain concept - the retailer hold the tablet and use augmented reality technology monitor data of out of shelve, price, planogram, campaign of compliance

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Supply Chains as Fluid Dynamic Ecosystems

Infuse fluidity into supply chain ecosystems to deliver dependable retail

Even the finest supply chains, with the most cost-efficient and customer-centric strategies are facing humongous challenges to respond to recent disruptions. As retailers grapple with the realities of the post-COVID world, they are looking at reinventing themselves. In addition, a combination of other forces such as global integrations and increased focus on phygital experience has sparked a new revolution in supply chain networks. 

To align with the needs of a changed consumer and business environment, supply chains need to evolve into dynamic ecosystems necessitating enhanced fluidity in supply chain networks. Fluid supply chain ecosystems exhibit a high degree of resilience and responsiveness, and can handle evolving complexities, unearth new opportunities, and help create new business models.

Neha Singh

Supply Chain Functional Consultant, TCS


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