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Social Listening


TCS Social Listening and Customer Insights Solution

Customer centric insights with TCS talent triad.



Organizations identify customer needs through siloed data, and as a result:

  • Product planners introduce features, services, & products that do not reflect consumer preferences.

  • Brand/marketing managers are unable to position their products in the market.

  • Customer service managers struggle to improve their promoter base or create brand advocates.

If organizations listen to the voices captured across social media, VOC transcripts, and surveys—they can derive customer-centric actionable insights. 

TCS Solution

TCS Social Listening and Customer Insights Solution, offered as a service, enables a systematic way of capturing, analyzing, and interpreting the voices, opinions, and sentiments of stakeholders—from diverse sources (social media, VOC transcripts, & surveys) across the extended enterprise.

Our talent triad includes domain, analytics & technology experts who collate the unstructured data, model the semantic dictionary, and leverage third-party listening tools & TCS’ proprietary text mining algorithms to understand:

  • The likes & dislikes of customers

  • Root causes of customer dissatisfaction

  • Customer needs across markets

By correlating and contextualizing these insights with buyers’ actual purchase decisions, , and provide personalized service experiences.


  • Align product positioning with customer expectations

  • Develop features, products, & services for local markets

  • Study customer responses to your products/services to micro segment customers

  • Improve customer satisfaction with personalized marketing/customer service actions

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