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A Review of How Enterprises Can Secure Third-Party Applications

As enterprises prioritize continuous digital evolution, they are increasingly using third-party solutions to drive business resilience. While these applications aid firms in meeting their business outcomes, they are vulnerable to cyberattacks. This paper examines why firms must increase their cybersecurity investments to secure their software supply chain. The software supply chain includes all the processes that go into developing software such as testing, licensing, and more. Enterprises typically use applications such as software-as-a-service, commercial off the shelf, or open-source software solutions. Below are some best practices that firms can follow to secure their software:

  • Conduct security reviews at the pre- and post-procurement phases when selecting a third-party solution

  • Check if the solution follows industry-specific security standards

  • Conduct manual hands-on and deployment design reviews

  • Assess for business continuity and disaster recovery in the post-deployment phase

Mahesh Pachbhai

Cybersecurity Evangelist, HiTech, TCS


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