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With new technology bringing unprecedented changes, lenders are looking for steady growth with access to new customer segments, integrated customer journeys, and sustained profitability. As auto finance customers look for convenience and ease of transactions across the value chain, lenders need to adopt a holistic digital strategy with device-agnostic self-service to offer an end-to-end digital experience for the customers.




TCS Solution

TCS Mobility Finance Solutions enables efficient lending process through large-scale adoption of digitalization and automation. The solution enables lenders to use data to analyze portfolio predictability and performance, modernize legacy platforms, and optimize process flows for all aspects of the auto finance experience. It offers:

  • Customer-experience-as-a-service: Reimagine and personalize auto finance experience across multiple channels supported by digital applications such as DigiFleetTM and GoSafe app
  • Advanced analytics: Enhance predictability and portfolio performance to gain deeper insights to control credit loss through price optimization complimented by AI/ML-driven models
  • Risk assessment: Drive auto decision-making along with early warning signals and intelligent communications. The solution also offers real-time automated data extraction
  • New engagement models: Leverage subscription and shared models to service customer needs and facilitate engagement across dealerships and auto lenders
  • Connected ecosystem: Create a connected ecosystem of OEMs, finance, insurance companies, dealers, and customers to improve the end-to-end experience.



Our solutions provide the following benefits to enterprises:

  • Efficient lending process with large-scale digital adoption and increased automation
  • Bots and artificial intelligence to reduce cost, control credit loss expenses, and improve customer service
  • Automation of credit policy administration and integration of direct loan options with available vehicle inventory by market area
  • Continuous feedback loop for reduced credit loss by combining intelligent underwriting and price optimization
  • Adoption of next-gen technologies with TCS IoT platform and garage solution offerings.