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In today’s hyper-competitive age, businesses are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance existing offerings through cost-optimized, reliable and scalable applications. While multi-cloud is a tempting cost proposition, there are challenges associated with its management such as lack of interoperability, limited scaling opportunities and complexity in cross-cloud monitoring. Besides, enterprises also face issues in understanding consumption patterns and unlocking the true potential of their businesses.

TCS Solution

TCS Enterprise Reliability Services is a holistic cloud orchestration and value management solution for multi/hybrid cloud environments. It runs across all cloud resources on Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes environments, and enables enterprises to gain a single pane of glass control over all public cloud footprints as well as on-prem IT. 

With features such as multi-cloud management, integrated IT service management, inter-operability across clouds, enhanced security, and a digitized architecture library for automation, the solution offers seamless cloud orchestration and environment provisioning for enhanced user experience. 

Powered by TCS’ Machine First Delivery Model™, the solution provides end-to-end visibility of the IT environment and enables transparency in service delivery and cloud value management.


With TCS Enterprise Reliability Services for Hybrid Clouds, enterprises can reap the following benefits:

  • Increase platform operational efficiencies up to 55% with unified visibility

  • Optimize operations cost by as much as 30%

  • Increase speed-to-market by 13 times and reduce non-coding activities up to 38%

  • Gain agility and robustness in operations through the Google SRE model

  • Enable a consistent user experience across the hybrid cloud with a single control pane

  • Experience demand-driven consumption models on the cloud

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