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  • Retirement service providers face numerous challenges, namely legacy technology, constant regulatory changes, and increasing demand for customer enhancements. 
  • TCS has put together a suite of solutions and services for retirement service providers in the US. Deployed as part of an end-to-end platform solution or as a module, it aims to increase business viability and speed to market for providers. 
  • Each point solution or service can be configured to meet the wide-ranging needs of providers and their customers. 



Influenced by modern, intuitive, and frictionless retail experiences, employers and employees alike have come to expect more of their retirement plan service providers.  

However, few providers have been able to effectively meet these evolving expectations. They are hampered by challenges of legacy technology and having to balance limited capital investment with seemingly unlimited demand for change, including customer enhancements, constant regulatory changes, and operating enhancements.

As a result, many providers now seek to transform their technology ecosystem. This can be complex, time-consuming, and very expensive.

TCS has developed a Retirement Services solution suite comprising proprietary platforms, digital accelerators, and business process support. It helps leading retirement service providers with the following:

  • Increase business viability and speed to market

  • Enhance key operating capabilities, customer experiences, and outcomes

  • Reduce implementation and servicing costs

Business context 

As a strategic partner to many leading global banking, financial services, and insurance companies, the TCS solution suite is specifically aimed at the US retirement industry.

Deployed as part of a full end-to-end platform solution or on a modular basis, each point solution or service can be configured to meet the wide-ranging needs of providers and their customers. The intuitive, orchestrated journeys simplify the experience for all potential users and roles.

With added benefits of integrated experiences, embedded workflow, and transparency, the suite addresses front- and back-end challenges that inhibit self-servicing, straight-through processing, and transparency.

The solution suite solves these challenges across the retirement plan life cycle, from plan sales through the last dollar out.


The Retirement Services suite comprises the following solutions and services:

  • Customer onboarding: Leverage dashboards, integrated workflows, and machine learning to drive efficiencies while ensuring full transparency of the overall process. 
  • Payroll processing: Map flexible, intuitive visual tools that allow business users to translate any format in minutes - no technology resources required.
  • Customer portal: Interact with all customer types providing critical tools, timely information and insights, and transparency.
  • CX experience desktop: Offer a single-pane, real-time, and holistic view of customers for effective and efficient support and servicing. 
  • Business operations processing: Provide back-office operations such as plan onboarding, participant-level servicing, and regulatory reporting.
  • Regulatory reporting: Perform complex functions such as compliance testing, plan audits, Form 5500 reporting, plan summary reports, and participant tax reporting.
Figure 1

Figure 1: The Retirement Services solution suite


The solution suite offers service providers the following business benefits:

  • Seamless customer onboarding: Onboarding plans are managed through agile practices, automated workflows, role-based personas, and real-time insights to increase speed to market, productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • Superior omnichannel experience: Intuitive navigation and integrated digital services enable a smooth experience across channels for participants, sponsors, and advisors.
  • Journey-based digital servicing: The suite improves decision making thanks to easy accessibility of client data, which is provided by insurance representatives as well as self-service opportunities.
  • Simplified payroll integration and management: The Retirement Services suite allows schemes outside of traditional payroll cycles to be scheduled and managed.
  • Improved employee learning curve: Insurance personnel stand to gain from processing simplicity and reduced training with an integrated plan rules engine.


With TCS, retirement plan service providers can take advantage of the following key differentiators:

Proven industry expertise: TCS’ experts and former industry leaders have over 25 years of relevant experience, which enable them to address unique challenges and help customers create differentiation in the market.

Contextual knowledge: TCS leverages its deep knowledge across the insurance business value chain, having supported the top 50 financial institutions in the US. Domain experts reinforce their expertise through frequent and extensive training on regulation changes and best-in-class practices.

Strategic partnerships: TCS has developed partnerships through transformational initiative and cross-industry solutions. These alliances allow TCS’ customers to identify and realize value faster by translating experience to execution.


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