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TCS Connected Intelligence Platform™

Convert Multi-Domain Data into Real-Time Insights


The Challenge

Today’s businesses and large organizations are inundated with customer, product and transactional data from internal and external sources, including streaming, IoT and real-time data from sensors, devices, mobile apps and enterprise systems. As the volume, variety and velocity of data increase, businesses are stuck with massive amounts of data, and are struggling to mine valuable insights that could support their business strategy.

TCS Solution

TCS Digital Software & Solutions developed the TCS Connected Intelligence Platform™ (CIP) as a unified data analytics platform that enables business and technical stakeholders to harness multi-domain data from across the organization to gain a competitive advantage faster, and at a lower cost than other available approaches.

Designed and built with modular components that ingest, analyze and gain insights from massive data repositories, CIP is a scalable platform that is pre-integrated with big-data management, real-time stream processing, a predictive scoring engine, AI/ML engines, and data visualization capabilities. CIP includes everything an organization needs to securely ingest and analyze data by combining data engineering and data science capabilities in a seamless low-code platform.


  • Accelerate consolidation and transformation of multi-domain data into new insights
  • Expedite use case development and delivery with built-in project management capabilities
  • Speed up time-to-value with integrated analytics, visualization, management and security
  • Ensure security, compliance and data privacy requirements with enterprise-grade security
  • Develop business use cases quickly and easily without needing advanced technical skills

TCS Connected Intelligence Platform

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