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Market disruptions in the education sector have led institutions to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. This has resulted in the creation of new digital operating models with the need for assessment processes to be reimagined and streamlined as well. The lack of transparency in the current assessment processes demands robust security protocols to ensure integrity of exam processes.

The increasing cost of logistics and time-consuming, unsecured question paper creation, and distribution process put additional pressure on the institutions in maintaining accessibility and integrity of the overall assessment process.



TCS Assessment as a Service is a digital assessment platform that helps deliver a boundaryless assessment experience. With multiple authentication and encryption mechanisms built into the data and content security infrastructure, the solution preempts any security breach and only allows authorized access to the candidate console of the solution. This helps reduce security risks by eliminating potential attacks. The solution provides the following:

  • Self-proctoring model: Enable candidate security functions to facilitate digital assessments anytime, anywhere without the need of a proctor, even in the absence of internet connectivity.
  • Machine proctoring model: Leverage the power of AI-ML and real-time analytics to identify any breach and take appropriate measures.
  • Dual proctoring model: Combine human proctoring with machine proctoring and ensure double security for remote assessments through maintaining integrity of exam process.
  • Time-tested assessment platform: Leverage TCS iONTM to use any of the components or flavors of assessment with speed and agility.


The solution provides the following benefits:

  • Remote proctoring with downloadable encrypted formats of results within 24 hours
  • Faster, precise, and error-free digital evaluation with trained evaluators
  • Identification and prevention of security breaches with proctored assessment options
  • Support for an unlimited number of concurrent users
  • Hyper-personalized assessment reports for learners