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TCS Marking as a Service is a digital marking solution that scans and marks students' answer booklets securely and accurately. The solution follows a four-step process of marking project planning for allocation of evaluators, scanning answer booklets for quality checks, reporting and analytics to track performance, and finally, collating scores to publish results.

Remote education models require an effective marking mechanism to ensure accurate assessment of students’ progress and continuous tracking of outcomes. However, the increasing demand for re-evaluations from the students and parents requires transparency and accuracy to strengthen the collaboration of multiple stakeholders. Institutions also need to be prepared for a high inflow of students, which might increase the teacher workload and reduce the focus on student development and nurturing. The manual marking of physical answer books is time-consuming and laborious, requiring secure storage throughout the evaluation process, increasing overall costs.



TCS Marking as a Service enables digital marking of students’ answer sheets with a standardized evaluation approach. The solution has an integrated analytics engine that generates reports to track evaluators' performance and map trends. The three key features of the solution are:

  • An integrated artificial intelligence (AI) platform with features for ease of use, intelligent controls to prevent human errors, and community connection to access national or global best practices.
  • Our pool of certified and experienced resources available on demand to ensure agile marking processes and certainty in results publishing timelines.
  • A built-in analytics tool that gives insights on marking trends to ensure standardization and consistency in the evaluation process powered by seeding methodology.


With TCS’ solution, educational institutions can realize the following benefits:

  • Quicker turnaround and timely feedback.
  • Process transparency for all stakeholders including teachers and students.
  • Widespread adoption, given that the solution is scalable and can be customized for different languages and subjects.
  • Personalized feedback with analytics-driven insights.
  • Reduced teacher workload with reduction of manual intervention in marking operations.


TCS brings the following differentiators to an engagement:

  • Deep contextual knowledge and extensive field experience in driving digital transformations
  • Near-shore or zero distance support for smooth collaboration of people and technology
  • TCS iON™ platform to integrate and collaborate with other platforms and in-house markers