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Stellantis Enhances Omnichannel CX
Andre Souza, Chief Information Officer for Stellantis, South America, talks about how the automaker partnered with TCS to transform customer care, after-sales, and marketing across Stellantis’ brands globally.
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TCS implemented an omnichannel customer experience (CX) platform to drive growth for Stellantis Group’s clients in Brazil and Argentina. This helped the automotive manufacturer improve communication, anticipate market demands, and offer personalized experiences.

Stellantis faced the challenge of bringing its customer care service, including marketing and after-sales, on a single platform to offer personalized customer service. As part of enhancing CX, TCS adapted the transformations carried out at Stellantis United States and Europe to the company’s South American base. The implementation was done using Salesforce, which provides a 360-degree view of customer needs. TCS’ integration support allowed for greater interactivity and effectiveness across Stellantis’ assemblers, dealers, and clients, which created a unified omnichannel CX. TCS’ purpose-driven transformation approach and resiliency even during the pandemic ensured seamless implementation of the project resulting in positive business outcomes.

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