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Educational institutes all over the world have been struggling with falling enrollments rates over the past few years. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up new possibilities and familiarized us with boundary-less access to quality education, existing institutions would have to reimagine their processes and IT systems to reach out to a global audience and exponentially increase student recruitment and retention rates.    

TCS Solution

TCS Student Recruitment and Enrollment as a Service helps educational institutions achieve the target enrollment ratio by providing uninterrupted access to students through a seamless, multi-channel digital platform and digitally-enabled campus. TCS helps with:

  • Strategy and planning: Making the course structure more immersive and attractive by leveraging technology; designing, building, and configuring website, web content management tools, and digital media channels to increase reach and engagement
  • Demand generation: Managing leads and maximizing student interest by deciding content, channel(s), and partners; facilitating student or parent counseling with inbound or outbound calling
  • Process execution: Facilitating the end-to-end application process for students through support and contextual information and ensuring transparency for students and institute staff



With TCS’ Student Recruitment and Enrollment as a Service, educational institutions can:

  • Implement a fully digital campus with a student centric environment
  • Leverage advanced technologies to design and administer outreach campaigns and expand the institution’s brand presence
  • Drive continuous engagement of prospective students from lead to closure
  • Simplify and standardize user experience while reducing the costs of enrollment




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