TCS Summit Europe is an exclusive, invite-only event that brings together 300 of Europe’s top business leaders. Over the course of three days, the TCS Summit Europe will provide an exclusive forum for C-Suite executives to learn from global leaders in politics, business, and sport. With its mix of inspirational speakers and activities, ranging from tennis and golf clinics with star players to gala dinners at exclusive venues, TCS Summit Europe has evolved into a renowned conference for senior business leaders in Europe. 

Summit 2022

The Dawn of the Sustainable Enterprise

Experiential, Innovative, Resilient

Throughout the pandemic, even as people were forced into social distancing and daily meetings became virtual, every business recognized that whether it is customers or employees, the human experience becomes a very important point of differentiation. Curating personalized experiences, enabling well-being, simplifying transactions, these are just some of the areas of focus for companies to retain the human touch in an increasingly digital world. The thrust on purpose-driven business has also added to the humanizing of business thinking. Organizations going digital at large scale has brought the human experience to the forefront.

The value of innovation, and an organization’s ability to be innovative, has expanded over the years, from solving problems to becoming an enabler of transformation. With the accelerated pace of change today, the future is much closer to the present, and companies are seeking to build a culture of innovation to remain in a perpetually transformative state.

There is a shift from organizations being efficient to those that are resilient. Ones that are able to respond to new issues and new opportunities. Organizations must be designed for resilience across operations – Supply Chain, Product Development, Talent and Technology.

Summit 2019

Mastering Business 4.0: Harnessing Abundance and Ecosystems

Businesses today face constant challenges to quickly adapt, drive acceptance of new business models, stay ahead, and deliver superior customer experiences. Successful transformation journeys also require a fundamental mindset shift within organizations. At TCS, we believe that to thrive in a Business 4.0™ world, four critical business behaviors need to be adopted: driving mass personalization, creating exponential value, leveraging ecosystems, and embracing risk.

TCS Summit 2019 will highlight how today’s leading companies have a great opportunity to move from past philosophies of optimizing scarce resources to that of harnessing an abundance of talent, capital, data, and computing resources to solve business problems and deliver exponential value. And how the power of the enterprise can be magnified by leveraging broader partner ecosystems – transforming from past silos to bolster innovation capabilities, unlock new revenue streams and expand customer bases by shifting from selling products to offering ongoing services.

Summit 2018

Hungary’s capital Budapest played host city for this year’s TCS Summit Europe. It was an extra special occasion, marking not just fifty years of TCS but the 150th anniversary of Tata Sons.

The venue from 26-28 September was the InterContinental Hotel situated on one bank of the Danube and with dazzling views of Budapest’s Royal Palace on the other bank. The hotel sits beside the landmark Chain Bridge and along the charming Danube Promenade, both Unesco world heritage sites.

The theme of the event – Business 4.0: Going Agile in a Machine First World – provided an opportunity to look at how global companies are combining digital technologies to ‘future fit’ their organisations and drive business decision-making, transformation and growth. TCS calls the amalgamation of business and technology Business 4.0 and it requires a shift in mindset from one of optimising scarcity to harnessing an abundance of resources, capital and talent. And it is characterised by an ability to mass personalize, actively leverage ecosystems and embrace risk in delivering exponential growth.

As usual the theme of the summit was told through the stories, reflections and insights of an eclectic group of speakers and panelists. This year, they included footballing greats Lothar Matthäus and Ruud Gullit, futurist David Mattin and world-record setting skydiver Felix Baumgartner, as well as a stellar list of CEOs, CIOs, CDOs and other innovation leaders.

Summit 2017

TCS Summit Europe 2017 took place at Madrid’s landmark Westin Palace Hotel. The programme saw world leaders from business, politics and sports discuss adapting to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and going beyond their regular digital strategies to reimagining every aspect of their enterprise – Business 4.0.

The rapid integration of the physical, digital and biological worlds is impacting all industries and sectors. This provides significant opportunities to those companies who are ready to take advantage.

The word ‘disruption’ has negative connotations, but in today’s digital world it is something that companies should be striving for. If organizations don’t disrupt themselves, then others will enter the fray to disrupt the status quo and take away market share from sleepy incumbents.

In the summit’s discussion of super accelerators – companies that are able to sustain long-term organic growth – it was made clear that part of these businesses’ success was their ability to bring ideas to market quickly.

Networking activities included guided tours of Real Madrid’s iconic Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and a visit to the Spanish stock exchange, Bolsa de Madrid.

Summit 2016

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