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Supply Chain Transformation: Building Resilience and Adaptability


Global trade wars, geo-political, environmental, economic and social uncertainties, cost and cash flow pressures, supply-side disruptions, constant fluctuations on the demand side, last-mile delivery networks and the need to accelerate technology integration have all dominated the supply chain agenda for the last few years.

If anything, the pandemic-led crisis, and its unpredictable global impact have exposed the vulnerabilities that exist across traditional supply chains. Emerging realities have prompted an accelerated shift to supply ecosystems that foster a greater degree of resilience, a review of business operations, processes and infrastructure to strengthen the core foundation for managing wild fluctuations in demand, and the rapid integration of digital technologies such as IoT, AI, ML, data and analytics, digital twins, blockchain, cloud, and enterprise applications to drive a greater degree of intelligence, adaptability, and agility.

Companies that are transforming their supply chains by harnessing the abundance of talent, technology, and data while staying true to their purpose and creating shared value across their stakeholder ecosystem – focusing on employee reskilling, safety and well-being; customer value through improved tracing and delivery; ethical sourcing and robust capabilities through greater integration of suppliers and vendors; more resilient partner networks to adapt to market dynamics while ensuring sustainable operations - will find themselves emerging as the next generation of leaders.

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