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Committing to positive environmental outcomes through driving collective consciousness

With forced short-term partnerships, cost and margin pressures, constant disruptions across the supply network, and aggressive timelines and targets, enterprise supplier networks may have succumbed to competitive pressures, compromising on sustainable practices to fulfil unprecedented market demand.

While short-term priorities have deflected some of the focus and investments, enterprise leaders need to safeguard and hold steady on the long-term sustainability goals and strategies put in place to realize them. Compliance and success measures will eventually require addressing environmental and societal impact to demonstrate continued commitment to consumers, investors, regulators and governments.

The accelerated digitization of the supply chain and even the supply network offers new visibility, opportunities and therefore, greater confidence in ensuring supplier diversity and ethical sourcing aligned with health, safety and environmental standards, improved energy management and a lower carbon footprint through increased efficiency and optimization of operations, and better implementation of reduce, reuse and recycle strategies to transform waste management. The crisis, and the corresponding collaborative supply networks emerging from them empower enterprises to drive collective consciousness, commitment and impact to realize quick wins in the areas of sustainability, and the benefits that go with them.

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