Support Next Generation Manufacturing

IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective

This IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective highlights how system integrators are starting to address the shop floor environment to support manufacturers towards next generation manufacturing.

IDC has taken TCS as an example and summarizes its offering to say that TCS provides both “vertical” (from shop floor to top floor) and “horizontal” (along the source-make-deliver chain) services.

Excerpt from the report:

“Being part of a manufacturing group itself brings some advantages. TCS can focus its capabilities on the manufacturing industry — particularly automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment and chemicals which are the industries core to its own corporation. Automotive represents the largest share of revenues in manufacturing (47.3%). In addition to serving its sister company, TCS is active in a number of Fortune 500 manufacturers, including Chrysler, GM, Toyota, ABB, Boeing, Airbus, and Dow Chemicals.

TCS covers the entire stack of IT that is needed at a modern manufacturing enterprise, both corporate and plant floor related. Interestingly enough, TCS has developed their offering over time with proprietary intellectual property for addressing both these dimensions.”

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