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Sustainable AI requires initiatives across technology, process and enterprise culture 

With the increasing expectations and investments in artificial intelligence, it is important for enterprises to strive for safe, secure and sustainable AI solutions. A trustworthy AI vision is built on the following considerations:

  • Scoping AI maturity: Creating a strong foundation with today’s artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) to progress toward artificial general intelligence (AGI) will prepare enterprises to manage artificial super intelligence (ASI).
  • Achieving human-AI balance: Striking the right balance between machines assisting humans and humans empowering machines is imperative in the careful planning, deploying, and sustenance of AI solutions.
  • Defining AI performance: Defining the functional and non-functional indicators is crucial in maintaining the accuracy, consistency, security, privacy and legality of the solution.
  • Leveraging data: Implementing best practices around data democratization and governance can help enterprises leverage actionable insights from high-quality data.
Mahesh Kshirsagar

CTO, Analytics & Insights, TCS


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