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TCS Sustainathon is a digital collaboration platform for students to collaborate with private companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies to co-create solutions for sustainability challenges.


Platform Offerings

We aim to offer a stage to bright minds across the world to collaborate with organizations and solve contextual problems to arrive at sustainable solutions


Innovation through ideathons and hackathons
Sustainathon brings together ideas and solutions to make a positive impact on society. We also leverage our collective knowledge and technology expertise to create solutions that matter.


Power of the ecosystem

We have an ecosystem of like-minded organizations (sometimes individuals) who are subject matter experts in the sustainability, technical and business fields to provide support, guidance and inspiration. 



People-centric solutions

Through various editions of Sustainathon, we aim to reach everyone including students, start-ups, TCS associates and senior citizens. Everyone has a part to play, and innovation knows no boundaries.


Solutions for real-world sustainability issues
We work with partners to identify pressing, real-world issues pertaining to sustainability and pave the way for realistic solutions to impact the society.


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Sustainathon is where ideas come to life! We offer young innovators a stage to solve contextual problems and be part of something big and exciting.














Sustainathon enables organizations across the world to crowdsource solutions for sustainability problems. We do this by giving you everything you need to run a sustainability-themed ideathon or hackathon.


Event creation
You get everything you need to set up and run your own program to crowdsource sustainable solutions.


Judge portal
The judge portal allows judges to log in, evaluate the submissions and pick winners with ease.


Customizable event pages
You can set up and customize event pages based on your requirements.



Submission portal
Our submission portal is designed for participants to log in and submit Sustainathon challenges as individuals or teams. 


Admin portal
The admin portal helps admin users manage the event, monitor the process and select participants.




TCS’ Sustainathon Challenges UK Students to Innovatively Use Technology to Take on Environmental Issues