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The age of digital transformation has made business spaces connected and collaborative. With its large, digitally adept workforce, TCS has headed several co-innovation and knowledge-sharing initiatives, like hosting flagship thought leadership events and investing in academic research and labs, a key aspect of its Business 4.0™ philosophy. Collaborative innovation has its challenges, such as obtaining funding approval and disbursement, and the need for a consistent experience across engagement models, all of which leads to fragmented insights on ROI. An advanced engagement arena was necessary for an Agile, pro-innovation environment.


. It is a client engagement arena that will channel our formidable domain expertise across several decades and organizational units into internal and external co-innovation programs. This initiative will be realized through TCS Pace Port™ centers, which will be key to expanding our global research and innovation (R&I) network. They currently host:

  • TCS Innovation Showcases: A sensory experience of ongoing R&I stories
    TCS COIN™ Accelerators: An entrepreneurial forum to solve specific client problems
  • TCS Think Spaces: A space to create new solutions via digital forces and design thinking
  • TCS Academic Research Labs: A collaborative medium for partnerships with academia
  • TCS Agile Workspaces: A space to deploy TCS’ Agile methods for rapid pilots and MVP software


  • Immersive incubator for new innovations
  • Deeper relationships with client teams
  • Effective confluence of new content and digital technologies
  • Grassroots-level innovation


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