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Taking Personalized Medicine Mainstream: Unlocking the Potential of Patient Data with Business 4.0TM 

Building connected healthcare ecosystem to enable effective delivery of personalized medicine

With paradigm shift in healthcare from “one size fits all” drugs to targeted and precision medicine, there is a need to develop effective framework for delivery of personalized therapies at the point of care. Such model would require collecting patient data to personalize clinical decisions thus ensuring disease management by default. To realize the true potential of this data, a connected health ecosystem is envisaged using technology platforms underpinned by Business 4.0TM drivers i.e. artificial intelligence, agility, automation, and cloud. Read more to find out model for the future of healthcare and three types of core platforms needed to build a connected healthcare ecosystem.

Amit Saxena

Head, TCS Genomics Lab & Translational Research Initiatives, Life Sciences

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