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TalkTalk Enhances Customer Experience
Philip Clayson, Director of Technology – Business Systems, Talktalk, talks about the company’s decade-long association with TCS. He describes how TCS has helped the UK-based telco improve net promoter scores and enhance customer satisfaction.
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TalkTalk plc
Communications, Media & Technology

Experience Results

Talking about the perils of using old technology at TalkTalk, Philip says, “When I took my role 18 months ago, the Board asked me to ensure that we properly addressed ‘technical debt’. The TCS team especially helped us with that over the last 18 months – the BSS stack is much cleaner now, all due to TCS' ability to help us get that cleaned up.”

Experience Leadership

Remarking on how effective TCS has been as the company’s technology partner, Philip says, “TalkTalk is stronger through our partnership with TCS, undoubtedly”. He lauds the diversity, expertise, ideas, and innovation that TCS brings to the table. “If TCS weren't with us, I think it would be a less rich environment for TalkTalk; it would be harder to get the thought leadership, the diversity of thought into TalkTalk's day-to-day operations.“

Experience Partnership

Philip talks about how the partnership has evolved in the last 10 years and now it has slowly moved to being a more strategic relationship. “The partnership is amazing; it really does work. TCS is part of our culture, it's part of our DNA.

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