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Tata Realty Attains Business Synergy

TCS enables Tata Realty achieve business agility and harmonize processes with SAP S/4HANA

Tata Realty and Infrastructure Ltd
SAP Flexible Real Estate Management (RE-FX) Implementation SAP S/4HANA Services SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) Solution


Tata Realty aimed to unify and digitalize real estate operations on a cloud platform

Towards the strategic goal of bringing all Tata real estate operations under the aegis of Tata Realty, the company wanted to simplify operations and leverage synergies enabling growth with agility. Most of the processes were manual and disjointed, hampering real-time integrated business operations, efficiency, user experience and innovation capability. Tata Realty realized the need for massive infrastructure and business operations overhaul to set a robust, scalable, and technology-driven digital platform and business solution as the foundation for an intelligent enterprise.



TCS enables smart real-estate management at Tata Realty for intelligent decision-making

Drawing on deep industry knowledge, TCS crafted a strategic digital transformation roadmap evaluating Tata Realty’s business objectives, key drivers and processes. Adopting a consulting-led approach, it designed a stable and scalable solution aligning Tata Realty’s business KPIs and met strategic objective of unifying real estate operations under one roof. TCS enabled Tata Realty embrace SAP S/4HANA to modernize legacy systems with reimplementation of SAP RE-FX and SAP TRM. TCS integrated SAP applications with third-party CRM applications and online payment gateway for smooth integration of back-office and front-office operations. It harmonized 50+ processes across departments and enabled 30+ SAP Fiori applications to improve user experience.

Tata Realty evaluated several cloud platforms and finalized Microsoft Azure with opex-driven cost model. TCS integrated key business functionalities into SAP S/4HANA to identify product white spaces and explore innovative solutions. Leveraging experience from past large-scale transformations, the program was executed through unique service delivery propositions. 

“The SAP S/4HANA transformation led by TCS was pivotal in building our core digital DNA.”

Sanjay Sharma, CFO, TATA Realty and Infrastructure Limited


Improved business efficiency, enhanced end-user experience and compliance at Tata Realty

Tata Realty has unlocked significant business value by accelerating better growth, productivity, agility and operational efficiency. The business processes are more streamlined, harmonized and integrated, enabling greater visibility into operations.


Faster decision making


Increase in user productivity and compliance


Reduction in IT cost and manual efforts


Reduction in payment receipt cycle time

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