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Tata's marathon man Natarajan Chandrasekaran begins road to restoring image

Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review, Australia's leading business daily pays homage to India's business royalty, TCS CEO & MD, N. Chandrasekaran, also known as ‘Chandra’. The commentary highlights Chandra's extraordinary journey at TCS, underlining his commitment to customers and TCS' substantial growth under his leadership. The article ties Chandra's achievements with TCS and his exhaustive business experience to the rightly appointed role, the Chairman of Tata Sons, as he is called upon to resurrect the image and fortunes of Tata Group.

Chandra was a front runner for the job, a Tata employee almost all his working life, who grew TCS into the conglomerate's most successful business. He will take over as the Chairman of Tata Sons on 21 February from interim Chairman Rata Tata.

The article also talks about Chandra's passion for running and the key role he played in TCS' marathon participation worldwide bringing digital technology to the sports of running and promoting health and fitness.

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