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TCS Helps Tata Starbucks with Rapid Expansion
Sumit Zaveri, CFO of Tata Starbucks, mentions how the TCS team set up IT systems, such as cloud-based infrastructure, for the Starbucks launch. This helped Starbucks’ goal of launching in nine months with India’s first Interactive Ordering System.
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Joint venture between Starbucks Coffee Company and Tata Global Beverages

“TCS team was present with us throughout the engagement and provided support whenever needed. They worked with us as a single team, and were equally happy when we opened our first store in India” 

Sumit Zaveri, Chief Financial Officer, Tata Starbucks

Tata Starbucks is a joint venture between Starbucks Coffee Company, the world’s leading roaster and retailer of specialty coffee and Tata Global Beverages Limited, the Tata Group’s global beverages business. Starbucks has 19,435 stores in 58 countries, while Tata Global Beverages Limited has an innovative stable of beverage brands. Tata Starbucks, which launched in Mumbai in October 2012, plans to rapidly expand across India.

TCS was selected as the implementation partner in the consulting phase, to help in the setting up the application systems and the back end on the hardware side. We continue to support Tata Starbucks for all application systems as well as on all the future developments.

Experience Results

TCS helped Tata Starbucks implement the Interactive Ordering System, which was the first-of-its-kind in India for Tata Starbucks. Zaveri goes on to explain how TCS helped make Tata Starbucks’ maiden store operational on time, within just nine months. The go-to-market time was very short, but the rapid scalable and flexible IT solutions TCS delivered also enabled them to open stores at their desired pace.

Experience Partnership

Tata Starbucks was impressed with TCS team’s ability to support at every juncture, before and during the go-live phase. The TCS team was present at the store, at the data center and at the application center, which helped to provide all the required support.

Experience Leadership

He mentions that TCS consultants worked with them throughout the IT strategy definition exercise, while the TCS IT delivery team implemented a roadmap that provided Tata Starbucks with scalable IT operations aligned with the company’s overall business objectives. This provided additional value to the client’s business and IT strategy, tactical planning and operations.

He also specifically mentions that the biggest innovation which TCS provided them was introducing cloud based systems on the hardware side. The innovative solution provided by TCS has the potential to be replicated in newer and emerging markets.

TCS team was fairly transparent and open throughout the project and this gave Tata Starbucks the confidence to choose TCS as their long term IT partner.

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