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TCS Connected Clinical Trials™

Digital Trials in a Connected World


The need to adopt patient-centric clinical trials has never been more acute for pharmaceutical organizations worldwide. One of the biggest learnings from the pandemic was the tremendous potential held by digital technologies to enable remote and personalized clinical trials, also referred to as decentralized trials, in order to achieve trial continuity and operational efficiencies. With advancement in technology, proactive guidance from regulators and a surge in wearable and devices, adoption of decentralized trials has slowly become a must-have rather than a 'good-to-have' initiative.

TCS Connected Clinical TrialsTM, a part of TCS ADD suite of platforms, provides a unified interface for patients and sites and incorporates modern technologies and collaboration to enable next-generation patient-centric trials. The flexible and modular platform provides capabilities for electronic and multimedia consenting, virtually connects diverse trial stakeholders, provides personalized and real-time alerts to patients and physicians on medication management, provisions automated data collection from various devices, and tracks trial activities to enhance data quality and patient safety. In addition, TCS CCT is equipped to prevent adverse events, provides ecosystems for healthcare partners to symbiotically connect, and facilitates advanced data modeling and insights backed by AI, ML and cognitive analytics.

Our Solutions

ADD Supply Management

Digitized clinical trial supply management solution putting the patient in the center

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ADD Patient and Site Engagement

Highly configurable solution with a rich library of personalized and multimedia engagement tools

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ADD Devices and Connections

Implementation of wearables and smart devices, digital biomarkers, bio-sample tracking, etc.

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TCS’ Connected Clinical Trials Platform Wins the European Innovations Award

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