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TCS Connected Clinical Trials™

Digital Trials in a Connected World


To optimize time to market for new pharmaceutical products, companies seek new ways of effective and personalized patient engagement, high quality data capture and, improved patient adherence. At the same time, they seek to improve operational efficiency and compliance during clinical trials.

TCS Connected Clinical TrialsTM is an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that helps pharmaceutical companies harness data from smart digital technologies for better decision making, improve the efficiency and accountability of the clinical supply process and, significantly transform patient engagement in clinical trials.

TCS Connected Clinical TrialsTM provides an integrated platform using sponsors that can set up and run a variety of digital trials belonging to different therapeutic areas for intelligent trial medication, digital patient and site engagement and other use cases.

Our Solutions

CCT Intelligent Trial Medication – Facilitates medication adherence, tracking and drug labeling activities for patients

CCT Digital Patient and Site Engagement – Provisions apps for patient interaction with site and sponsors, subject visits, scheduling appointments, etc.

CCT Virtual Trials – Deploys approach for faster set-up of patient data collection instruments and provides end-to-end data acquisition and analytical capabilities

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TCS Connected Clinical Trials Wins Clinical Research News European Innovations Awards

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