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TCS leverages the Amazon Connect platform to offer a cloud-based, scalable contact center service

Companies using traditional contact center platforms face many challenges. The platform is not only expensive, it requires trained professionals for installation and maintenance. Plus, it takes long to set up and cannot be scaled quickly to meet real-time demand. Moreover, the platform cannot integrate new technologies such as conversational IVR and AI.

TCS Amazon Connect:

TCS Amazon Connect provides a self-service, cloud-based, highly scalable contact center service, which allows businesses to deliver better customer service. With no upfront payments, long-term commitments, or infrastructure requirements, companies can pay by the minute. The only additional charge for utilizing this service will be the cost of telephone services.

TCS leverages the Amazon Connect platform, and incorporates a custom-built application to achieve a robust and future-proof contact center. It enables customers to leverage a feature-rich contact center that integrates with the existing database and web services applications, and can incorporate AI-powered conversational IVR. TCS’ custom-built applications, such as Wallboard, Reporting, and Agent Desktop, empower companies to achieve a perfect blend of components that meets their demands. TCS has a global presence and provides the Contact Center services in all regions of presence, provided the AWS Connect service is available in that region/country.

Key Features

TCS Amazon Connect solution integrates multiple business components in one system. Its key features include:

  • Customized IVR application development and integration to design, develop, and deploy TCS Amazon Connect, IVR, Lex Chat bot and conversational IVR application.
  • IT service management and CRM integration to integrate third-party ITSM and CRM tools to address dips in data, create auto tickets and screen pop-ups.
  • Customized application for Amazon Connect to tailor Agent Desktop development with AWS Connect softphone to display the caller data captured in IVR. It develops custom reports with granular-level call record data, customized to suit business needs.
  • Informative Wallboard to display the status of the contact center. TCS will design and develop custom Wallboard application to meet customer-specific requirement
  • Customized reporting to provide precise data of the caller. The reporting tool will provide granular customized reports. 
  • Virtual agent and bot solution to enable NLP-based conversation on the IVR, using AWS LEX platform as a virtual agent. The bot will be the first in line to answer customer queries, and will forward calls that it cannot handle to Amazon Connect to be routed to agents. This will reduce the number of resources needed to man the contact center.

Future Roadmap with TCS’ AWS Connect:

TCS is exploring AWS services such as LEX, Comprehend, Transcribe, and Translate to design a fully functional multi-language analytics solution for the AWS Connect contact center.

The TCS Advantage:

With over a decade of experience in designing, deploying and managing customer care solution, TCS has a proven record of delivering industry-leading contact center solutions, with associates who are trained and certified in implementing customized Amazon Connect contact center. TCS’ application development and support engineers provide comprehensive tailored solutions to meet businesses’ specific requirements. TCS is a certified reseller and strategic go-to partner for AWS in Amazon Connect space.

For further queries and interest on TCS Cloud Contact Center offering, kindly contact the TCS team at

To learn more about AWS Connect, please visit


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