TCS as a Digital Transformation Partner for European Customers



TCS as a Digital Transformation Partner for European Customers

The massive pervasion of digital technologies is currently shaking up the value chains, business models, ecosystems and balance of power in all industries. Companies are severely challenged to adapt their business and technology strategies to address these fundamental changes – they have to undergo a ‘digital transformation’.

This PAC report analyzes and evaluates TCS’ positioning as a digital strategy partner for European corporations.

Excerpts from the report:

TCS is among the top six global IT services companies, and is ranked in the topmost tier of its industry in terms of market capitalization, employees, profitability, brand value and customer satisfaction worldwide. To sustain these high growth rates, the company has recently put a strong focus on what it calls ‘Digital Reimagination™’ and is investing considerably in this area as a major driver of future growth. While many technology vendors and service providers are still selling silo-ed technologies today, TCS is following a very comprehensive approach toward ‘Digital Reimagination™’. TCS brings together expertise from various technology areas in its ‘Digital Enterprise Unit’ because it believes that only a combination of the Digital Five Forces can truly help companies reinvent themselves.

At the same time, TCS does not reduce digital transformation to customer-facing areas such as marketing, commerce or customer service, but follows what PAC calls ‘a broad view of digital transformation’. TCS also includes topics like workplace transformation in its Digital Reimagination™ theme - an area that is often neglected in digital transformation strategies. This comprehensive approach towards digital transformation is a key differentiator for TCS. TCS' Digital Reimagination™ vision has strong backing from its CEO and Managing Director, N Chandrasekaran, and the company is planning to invest considerably in this future growth area.

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