TCS' Pega Expertise

In this age of digital disruption, many organizations are looking to reinvent their business processes with automation and artificial intelligence to help them adapt to market changes faster, better utilize their employee’s and partners’ ecosystems, and drive greater business outcomes for their customers.

With MFDM™, TCS delivers large scale Pega projects across geographies to enable a seamless digital transformation journey for its customers and helping them benefit from robotic process automation, business process and decision management systems, conversational systems, natural language processing, machine learning, and AI-led solutions.

Offerings & Capabilities

IBOR compliance Accelerator

Accelerating IBOR compliance leveraging automated contracts remediation with recommended fallbacks, with our framework built on embedded AI and NLP and Pega Case Management.

TCS Lending Framework for Commercial Credit

automated contracts remediation with recommended fallbacks, with our framework built on embedded AI and NLP and Pega Case Management. TCS Lending Framework for Commercial Credit Enabling banks to create an agile extendible platform for streamlining their commercial lending process, and address three levels of strategy execution--Customer, Performance and Risk management.

TCS-Pega Auto Design Validator ©

A delivery accelerator to reduce manual effort and errors substantially for design reviews, to provide solid foundational design to support the backbone of implementation in Pega based applications.

TCS-Pega Auto Product and Release Notes Generator ©

A delivery accelerator for Pega developers to create a consolidated product rule and release notes document automatically, thus reducing manual effort for technical team during deployment.

TCS Connected Digital Health platform

A digital sensor-based validation platform that can be enabled for sensorized clinical trial and patient monitoring encompassing pre-screening, post procedure rehabilitation tracking and product evaluation.

TCS Health Care: Travel Urgent Assistance

A Pega Robotic Desktop Automation and Decision Strategy Manager based solution that helps patients on travel to seek emergency medical assistance based on patient history.

Insights & Ideas
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TCS Wins 2018 Pega Partner Excellence Award in Thought Leadership
The award recognizes TCS’ leadership in leveraging automation and AI to transform business processes and reimagine customer experience.
TCS Wins 2019 Pega Partner Award for Excellence in Digital Transformation
The award recognizes TCS for developing and delivering digital process automation (DPA) solutions for clients within the financial services industry.
Reshaping a Business around AI: The Machine First™ Approach to Digital Transformation
To provide best-in-class services to customers and to guide companies toward growth and perpetual transformation, a Machine First philosophy is essential.

TCS and Pega Skill up Pega Specialists for Client Digital Needs

Today’s challenging and uncertain times calls for digital transformations. Enterprises must be able to rapidly change their operating models and how they connect to their customers and suppliers. TCS , through its Business 4.0™ digital transformation frameworks and MFDM™ (Machine First Delivery Model) leveraging Pega, is helping global enterprises transform their digital landscape.

An essential requirement to help enterprises scale rapidly in their digital journey is the availability of skilled professionals. TCS, through its 20+ years partnership with Pega, is at the forefront of creating a ready pool of skilled resources though Pega University Academy Program (UAP). As an example, we recently conducted a joint session for 1000+ students across India. TCS is proud to be the largest recipient of Pega UAP and is looking forward to welcome the next batch of students.