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Realize business value with proven industry solutions that are scalable, secure & innovative.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are collaborating in the IoT space for our global customer base, through scalable, reliable and future-ready solutions and technology services.

With a dedicated AWS IoT Center of Excellence and a global partner team, we are driving large scale transformations across industries and have built a winning partnership for our Customers.

IoT business framework - Bringing Life to ThingsTM provides enterprise transformation services to enable new business models, superior customer experiences, business agility and sustainability. TCS’ knowledge platforms and labs enable ideation, solution development and business value realization across production design, operations, and services.

Our Technology Services:

TCS and AWS offer a full spectrum of IoT services, that accelerate adoption of digital and fuel innovation across the enterprise. Our services include:

Our IoT Solutions on AWS:

Our comprehensive portfolio of IoT solutions focus on driving transformation of business and operations across Manufacturing, CPG, Utilities, Transportation & Logistics which include:

TCS IP2™: Combines IoT with AI and digital twin technologies to support critical assets, enhance reliability, improve flexibility, cut emissions, and improve plant cycle efficiency.

TCS Digital Manufacturing Platform: Assesses value through the realization phases of an Industry 4.0 transformation journey, helps identify automation and digital opportunities across the manufacturing and supply chain operations and focuses on understanding the customer’s productivity, cost, digitization and sustainability drivers, and through Value Analysis and Organizational Change Readiness frameworks, provides visibility on the opportunities that can increase revenue, reduce costs and improve margins.

TCS Intelligent Grid: Enhances reliability and availability of utilities grid assets and prevents unpredictable failures and breakdowns leveraging AI & ML technologies.

TCS DigiFleet™: Assimilates telematics and environmental data to provide real-time impactful business insights to customers about their fleet and freights and helps enhance visibility, operational efficiency of their logistics on the move through this IoT enabled SaaS.

TCS Connected Workforce Safety: Creates a safer and trusted workplace, helping customers resume plant operations in the COVID-19 context and ensure business continuity, provides digital safety fencing, real time health insights, proximity alerts and personal protection equipment monitoring and compliance, as well as other features that continuously enhance the productivity of the workforce.

TCS Industrial Energy Management: Provides a process and asset level real-time view of energy sources (water, industrial gas, electricity and steam), enabled through IoT and analytics, for industries like metal, chemical, CPG and auto. It performs ML/AI based analysis on various parameters to drive energy efficiencies, leading to a 4 to 6 percent reduction in energy spend.

AWS has recognized TCS as its premier consulting partner and also as its inaugural industrial software consulting partner. TCS is also a launch partner for AWS IoT Thingsgraph, IOT Events, IOT Sitewise, IMC, and Timestream.

Write to us at tcs.iot@tcs.com, to collaborate with TCS and AWS in your transformation journey.