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  • Enterprises are adopting AI and machine learning (ML) to leverage deeper insights from data and improve customer experience. 
  • TCS helps enterprises unlock the potential of AI and ML at scale using AWS AI-ML services.
  • We help companies at every stage of their AI-ML journey through our industry-specific contextual knowledge.



Embed purpose-built AI-ML models into your digital fabric for faster customer-centric innovation.

Enterprises are adopting AI and ML to derive meaningful insights from data and achieve faster business outcomes—from building intelligent business processes to forecasting business demands and empowering smart agents. Especially in this experience economy, it’s critical that enterprises embed purpose-built AI-ML models into their digital fabric to accelerate customer-centric innovation.  

TCS offers AI-ML and user experience solutions on AWS that help companies unlock the potential of AI at scale. We simplify the AI journey and help companies make the most of AI to gain deeper insights from data, improve customer experience, reduce business risks, and achieve greater value realization at speed.


Standardize ML development processes and set yourself up for AI innovation at scale.  

We help standardize ML development processes and empower developers and data engineers with our ready-to-use IP solutions. Built using AWS AI-ML services, they are designed for easy data extraction and analysis, understanding natural human interactions, boosting developer productivity, and more. 

Our services include: 

Conversational AI experiences: We help contact centers achieve first contact resolution using an AI-powered CX collaboration space. For customer service agents, it provides a unified interface with omnichannel integration, self-service options, call context, and real time-assistance for better service. 

Industrial solutions: These include building smart factory solutions; monitoring, predicting and identifying machines in need of repair; and boosting physical security and workplace safety. We deliver these services using AWS solutions such as Amazon Monitron ML, Amazon Lookout for Equipment, Amazon Lookout for Vision, and AWS Panorama Appliance.

Edge solutions: AI-ML models developed by TCS for deployment in edge devices can be tuned to achieve a small runtime footprint and improved performance. What’s more, they can be customized to run on the target hardware platform.

Online channels on cloud: Leveraging a cloud-based customer engagement platform, TCS helps orchestrate multi-channel communications based on customer preferences, business goals, and machine learning.

AWS SageMaker platform services: Through these, we enable AI-ML  enterprise use cases for optimization, and building and management of AI-ML workflows.

Wavelength solutions: We ensure applications—designed to work with 5G in AWS wavelength zone—are available to edge devices without having to leave the mobile network and without any impact to latency. This solution can be leveraged for smart factories, connected vehicles, AR/VR, and diagnostics for healthcare.

Robotics solutions: We help enterprises implement autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for movement of resources and inventory within a factory and robotic sorting of packages for delivery.


Embed AI-ML into your business for intelligent operations

  • Increased customer loyalty with personalized customer experience
  • Increased profit through accurate sales forecast and efficiencies in inventory maintenance
  • Instant data extraction from business documents without manual effort for real-time decision-making
  • Improved operational efficiency via self-managing infrastructure 

The TCS advantage

Leverage deep understanding of industry context and systematic innovation engines to maximize value from your AI-ML investments.

  • With TCS Pace Port™, we are able better to guide clients through discovery, refinement, and delivery phases of AI-ML innovation.
  • TCS COIN™ brings together a network of AI-ML experts from the start-up, research, academics, and corporate worlds to work on collaborative innovations for TCS' Fortune 1,000 customers. 
  • We leverage Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM™) to amplify human-machine collaboration and solve complex business problems, faster and better.