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  • An innovator in the pool solutions space, Fluidra wanted to create an IoT platform for seamless integration with third-party home automation devices.
  • Together with TCS, Fluidra built a scalable, secure, reliable, and easy-to-maintain IoT solution that enabled it to connect to five million devices across geographies.
  • Fluidra was able to move closer to its mission of creating the perfect pool experience while boosting profitability and creating new revenue streams.


Using tech to enhance the comfort of pool users

A leading global manufacturer of pool and spa products, Spanish multinational Fluidra strives to create the perfect pool experience for its customers. Enhancing their comfort and enjoyment is a top priority for the company. And so, it has always focused on innovative solutions for clean swimming pools and spas. With a product line that extends from pool pumps to chlorinators and robotic cleaners to devices powered by IoT, analytics, and cloud computing, Fluidra enhances experiences through technologically advanced, sustainable solutions that transform the way people enjoy water for recreation and health.

A pioneer in connected pool products, Fluidra had created an IoT platform that became fragmented over time due to multiple rebuilds. To enable seamless integration with third-party home automation devices, Fluidra decided to partner with TCS.


One platform for five million devices

Leveraging AWS cloud, TCS and Fluidra made the connected pool platform robust, scalable, and secure. The solution enables two-way communication with devices, remote equipment monitoring, and predictive and proactive maintenance of pool equipment while simplifying pool management. 

Reliable and easy to maintain, the new platform supports remote diagnostics and remote control of pool settings by pool owners and ensures 24x7 alerts and insights—even during downtime.

Secure IoT infrastructure on AWS, along with native AWS services such as Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, AWS IAM Access Analyzer, and AWS Firewall Manager, enables centralized monitoring and alerts.

Scalable IoT workload environment set up using AWS Lambda allows on-demand provisioning of compute resource. With the help of AWS IoT Core a cloud gateway to connect Fluidra’s IoT devices was enabled. The AWS IoT Core service helps overcome infrastructure management overheads. 

Batch analytics and dashboards for data management supported by the platform include services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service to set up data lake, AWS Amazon Kinesis to create a data pipe to the data lake, AWS Glue services for extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations, AWS Redshift for Data warehouse, Amazon Athena to query results from data lake, and AWS Simple Notification Service to generate user notifications.



Reimagine your business and accelerate time to value

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Transforming the way people enjoy water

The solution enables Fluidra to connect five million devices across geographies and deliver 24/7 availability of pool services to its end customers around the world, creating a strong competitive advantage for itself and high-entry barriers for its competitors. It:  

  • Elevated customer experience through connected, available, reliable pool devices. 
  • Accelerated Fluidra’s transformation from pool device manufacturer to an end-to-end pool service provider.
  • Created new revenue streams and boosted profitability.
  • Reinforced the company’s position as an innovation pioneer in the industry.

TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.