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The financial services firm wanted to secure data exchange with partners.

A UK-based financial services company wanted to share data with its partners securely to develop new business capabillities. It wanted to integrate and centralize data to overcome rigid, non-scalable data architecture. To modernize its legacy on-premise platform, it needed a secure, cloud-based data distribution platform.

The firm aimed to establish a DevOps model and an automated infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation and create innovative applications. 




TCS protects financial services workloads and mitigates vulnerabilities.


TCS leverages AWS cloud-native services for secure sharing of data.

 TCS ensured secure data share through Secure-Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) using AWS Transfer Family, a fully-managed service that enables secure transfer of files into and out of AWS Cloud infrastructure to external entities. This not only fast tracked uploading of files from on-premise internal applications to AWS cloud storage, but also set the stage for a subscription-based data distribution platform where external partners could seamlessly consume data for day-to-day business operations. This helped the client share and receive data securely from a large number of partners.

TCS augmented the internet-facing SFTP endpoints with AWS Global Accelerator, AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and AWS Shield Advanced, following a Defense in Depth strategy. This ensured protection from emerging cyber-threats such as DDoS (distributed denial of service) and Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP’s) top 10 vulnerabilities.

The on-premises middleware applications were modernized with AWS Lambda serverless functions. TCS built an enterprise-ready, dynamic deployment pipeline for the AWS Lambda services by setting up Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines combined with open-source tools to scan and identify vulnerabilities in code or third-party libraries used in code.

TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.


A data distribution platform allowed third-party vendors to access and share data.

TCS helped the client achieve an improved security posture for all data transactions on AWS Cloud. A subscription-based data platform enabled the financial services firm to leverage a larger ecosystem, while a DevOps approach allowed innovations to deliver customer value.

  • Enterprise-wide mitigation of DDoS attacks 
  • Reduction of costs on third-party security tools
  • Automated security checks in the DevOps pipeline accelerated time-to-market
  • Reduced time on security operations
  • Adherence to AWS best practices and benchmarks ensured enterprise-wide security posture


TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.


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