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A leading BFSI firm wanted to build robust security controls with AWS Services

The financial services firm wanted to leverage AWS to meet governance and compliance requirements, and gain real-time visibility into their recently adopted cloud infrastructure. The company’s IT team had spent significant time and effort in trying to ensure compliance, but the effort was largely fragmented. There was a need to adopt a secured digital fabric to comply with the Center for Internet Security’s corrective configuration measures through serverless functions.




TCS protects BFSI-related workloads and mitigates vulnerabiities.


TCS identified changing configurations and compliance drifts.

TCS adopted a compliance-as-a-code approach to identify changing configurations and build best security practices. TCS implemented a solution based on AWS Cloud Adoption Security Perspective to protect customer workloads and mitigate vulnerabilities and detective controls to help provide visibility into the AWS operations. The solution helped monitor user activity in cloud with the help of AWS CloudTrails and leveraged Amazon CloudWatch to deliver a near real-time stream of events. While users provision resources on AWS, the solution ensured monitoring and auto-remediation of compliance deviations. TCS also implemented the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) to prohibit any misconfigurations and flag notifications related to retiring a signing key and substituting with a new cryptographic key, inactive user accounts and vulnerable group accounts, among other system misconfigurations.

TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.


The finance company now monitors configuration drifts with real-time Amazon SNS alerts.

TCS helped build a robust, breach-proof security posture by providing real-time notifications for configuration drifts and eliminating additional time spent on security operations. The solution has accelerated development efforts and ensured compliance, thereby eliminating compliance fines and ensuring business continuity for the finance company.

  • Enterprise-wide monitoring of security and service configurations
  • Prevention of system downtime
  • Real-time notification for configuration drifts
  • Reduced time on security operations
  • Adherence to AWS best practices and benchmarks
  • Ensured compliance from early stages of SDLC for faster time-to-market


TCS secured the AWS environment with data privacy controls across multiple cloud accounts.


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