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Star Alliance wanted to build resilience and drive innovation by migrating to cloud.

Star Alliance, with 26 member airlines serving more than 1,200 airports across 197 countries, is the world's largest global airline alliance. It aims to provide a comprehensive network that allows members global reach, enabling them to provide seamless travel experience to customers.

To keep pace with the changing industry dynamics, Star Alliance was looking to:

  • Streamline service delivery of application management lifecycle

  • Reduce provisioning timelines

  • Ensure disaster recovery for applications and data

  • Accelerate the development of new features and capabilities for its products

  • Deliver cutting-edge customer experiences

Star Alliance was not only looking to achieve IT operational efficiencies, but also to digitally transform its applications. With the objective of improving busines resilience, Star Alliance identified more than 10 mission critical applications. Migrating these applications to cloud would enable auto-scaling of storage services according to demand, reduce operational overheads, harness intelligent tiering of data on cloud, and support multiple passenger queries.


TCS helps embark on the journey to cloud as a trusted growth and transformation partner.

Star Alliance’s strategic partnership with TCS spans over 15 years. TCS was brought on board to modernize Star Alliance’s growing IT landscape and drive digital innovation. During this partnership journey, TCS and Star Alliance have co-developed several industry-first solutions to enhance customers’ travel experience. TCS with its contextual knowledge and agile methods, designed and developed these solutions and helped achieve significant speed to market.

TCS leveraged AWS cloud to align Star Alliance’s IT infrastructure with its business objectives. TCS adopted native AWS cloud offering and technologies such as serverless, CICD, containerization, data base, open source and new AI and ML-powered cloud services to enable faster and intelligent cloud storage and application modernization.

With the seamless migration to cloud, Star Alliance introduced services such as interline flight transfer assistant and instant loyalty miles accrual across member carriers. Star Alliance’s industry-first baggage tracking application is powered by Amazon Aurora to process data from multiple airline baggage systems, making visible dashboards and centralized reporting to allow airline customer service agents track bags at airports around the world.

TCS leveraged key cloud storage services such as:

  • Amazon S3 as the primary backup location to store PaaS resource access logs, audit logs and object files

  • Amazon EBS Volumes as the primary data storage for EC2 instances

  • Amazon Glacier as a cost-effective storage location, transitioning old data from S3

  • Amazon RDS for the data migrated from on-premise Oracle database

  • Commvault (third-party tool) to create backups; snapshots stored in S3 Expedite application deployments by leveraging Amazon Elastic Container Service with AWS Fargate, a serverless compute engine for containers

  • ScienceLogic (third-party tool) to monitor the overall cloud infrastructure


TCS helps Star Alliance lead the way in air travel.

The transition to AWS cloud has armed Star Alliance with the agility and scale to synergize operations across 26 airlines and provide predictable and safer travels. Star Alliance, on any given day, is able to seamlessly process almost 750,000 flight redemption requests, track 1.2 million bags and action over 400,000 check-in messages involving two flights or more.

With the move to cloud, Star Alliance is confident that they will be able to quickly introduce new products, especially those that will re-enable travel in a post-COVID world.







We harnessed TCS' contextual knowledge to accelerate innovations on cloud and deliver seamless customer experiences.” – Jeremy Drury, Director, Digital & Technology Services, Star Alliance  


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