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Companies across the globe are trying to uncover insights about their products, operations, customers and business models using big data analytics. However, most of the information pouring in from diverse and disparate streams require data validation, reformatting and extensive conversions before they can be meaningfully utilized. In-house completion of these tasks often without the prerequisite infrastructure or technical capabilities ­– involves huge costs and FTE burdens.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Big Data and Analytics Test Automation Solution or the BITS platform helps companies answer queries around different data formats and outline solutions driven by big data analytics. It is powered by Oracle and comes with MySQL plug-ins and other formats. Covering a wide variety of file and report formats, RDBMS, NoSQL and big data stores, BITS expedites automation testing and prevents effort duplication. It includes a scriptless test case design capability to jumpstart test automation, offering exhaustive reports on data mismatches, data integrity, and compliance errors. With a big data automation testing framework, the platform helps enterprises pick the best model for their business needs and generates reports on the effectiveness and efficiency of predictive analytical models. Offering up to 60% higher test productivity, TCS BITS integrates continuous quality assurance processes with an agile continuous development methodology.> 


  • Up to 100% test coverage via measurable improvements in data quality
  • Shortened timelines around testing and business insight generation
  • Reduced cost by eliminating preventable spends on data quality management
  • Up to 60% higher test productivity through deployment of end-to-end operation
  • Lower incident rates and bugs, higher returns from technology investments
  • An industry- and tool-agnostic solution to optimize data processes in various scenarios


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