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Existing SAP ECC customers have to make a key decision to adopt S/4HANA conversion as SAP announced end of support to ECC product. A key requirement for successful conversion is ensuring existing business operations continuity. Also, in case of business solutions which have been customized with ABAP programs, the complexity increases as they need remediation in S4HANA. The mission is to stay relevant to the latest S/4HANA ABAP syntax and also to keep the business functional as is in post conversion

TCS Solution

TCS understands the challenge that clients are up for and has created a viable solution.

TCS brings the Click2Remediate (C2R) tool, a standalone desktop-based solution to accelerate custom ABAP code remediation process with accuracy. Having built-in logic that is fully compliant with S/4HANA ABAP syntax and leverages SAP’s custom migration worklist DB and Simplification Worklist.   

TCS C2R tool scans and remediates in an average over 10,000 lines of code in an hour and has almost 70% reduction of manual effort in custom code remediation process. Ease of deployment and compliance with SAP security access.

TCS C2R provides a comprehensive dashboard to give the user real-time insights into the SAP HANA code remediation project. In addition, TCS C2R offers the benefits of controlled remediation, audit trail, inline comments and version control to easily revert back, among others.


  • Reduction of manual code correction effort by over 70%
  • Reduction in overall effort on S/4HANA conversion project by 30%
  • Ensure efficient and higher quality of code with minimal human interference
  • Mitigate compliance errors
  • Enable 100% code compliance with ABAP S/4HANA syntax

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