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More and more enterprises across the globe are adopting cloud, leading to multiple migration scenarios. They can simply rehost applications and infrastructure, refactor underlying operating systems, or even transform the architecture from monolithic to microservices. On-premise infrastructure and multi-cloud adoption add to the complexity. This calls for a robust solution that can address these challenges and requirements from multiple stakeholders throughout the transitional and sustenance phases. 

TCS Solution

TCS Cloud Assurance Platform (CAP) helps accelerate assurance to host both applications and infrastructure on data center and cloud. It offers:

  • A single platform to manage application (functional and non-functional), data and infrastructure testing
  • End-to-end management of all types of tests according to the disposition of the application in the target environment
  • An automated test strategy based on R-disposition (rehost/ refactor/ re-platform/ rearchitect) driving standardization
  • 2,000+ automated reusable test scripts across Azure, AWS and Google Cloud 
  • Interactive dashboards for continuous test monitoring
  • Out-of-the-box integration with open-source and commercial continuous integration, performance testing and engineering, security and automation tools
  • Continuous comparison between source and target
  • Scalability to additional opportunities for upgrades, patch validation, high availability and disaster recovery
  • On-demand test execution for cloud testing


TCS’ Cloud Assurance Platform helps enterprises ensure quality during cloud migration, data center transformation and modernization initiatives, and helps improve their strategy, visibility of test execution, and coverage and compliance. The platform delivers the following benefits:

  • Enable cost predictability using a catalogue-based testing approach
  • Improve speed-to-market by 40%
  • Increase infrastructure test automation execution efficiency by 70%

TCS Advantage

TCS believes in delivering industry-leading solutions and a seamless transformation experience to clients. By joining hands with TCS, enterprises can leverage:

  • Flexibility to handle multi-cloud migration ecosystem with out-of-the box automation scripts
  • Modular solutions with the ability to deliver catalogue-based services
  • Rich experience in providing assurance services for cloud migration
  • Robust ecosystem comprising best-in-class tools and alliances with leading cloud partners
  • TCS’ innovation-led approach with our extensive R&D experience and dedicated labs to support emerging technologies

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